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Founded in 1931, Allstate Insurance is currently the second largest personal insurance company in the United States. They have over 16 million customers worldwide. Like all companies, Allstate’s bottom line is making money. In order to make the most money, Allstate and other insurance companies urge customers to settle quickly for less compensation.

An insurance company like Allstate handles hundreds of thousands of claims per year, and as a business, it is in their best interest to not pay all of them out. Customers, therefore, often leave negotiations with Allstate with little recompense. They often feel like all hope is lost if their initial claims are denied by insurance adjusters. But all hope is not lost if the appropriate steps are taken.

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How to File Allstate Insurance Claims

In order to get the best possible settlement, it is paramount that you are prepared for the process ahead. You should gather all of your medical records and other bills related to the accident and be sure that all of your injuries are properly documented in the information given to Allstate. You should also get documentation of any lost time from work as detailed as possible.

It is unwise to speak to an insurance claims adjuster or to sign any forms without first consulting a personal injury lawyer. It is important to remember that any information given to an insurance company will be used against your claim, if possible. Allstate representatives will do everything they can to speed through the process because their goal is getting you to accept the smallest settlement possible.

To set up and file a claim against Allstate after a car accident, you can call the Allstate Insurance claims number at 1-800-255-7828. This line is open 24/7.

How Does Allstate Value Claims?

Allstate uses a computer program called Colossus to generate its first settlement offer. Colossus is used by many of the large insurance companies in much the same way.

Colossus is essentially a large claims database that contains information from thousands of prior accident claims and their outcomes. Adjusters enter information from your accident into the program and then Colossus uses this data to output a value range for your claim.

Allstate is well known for being the insurance company that relies on this program the most. Colossus is notorious for providing numbers relating to pain and suffering that are consistently less than the value a jury would give in the same case.


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