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 If you or a loved one works in construction, you probably understand how strict the safety guidelines are for that industry as a whole. Even under the strictest safety regimes on a construction site, there is still the possibility for injury.

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Fort Collins Construction Accidents

Regardless of the type of construction project, injuries can happen at any time. There are a few common types of construction injuries that we encounter:

  • Injury from falling material or tools
  • Falls from elevated platforms and scaffolding
  • Eletrocution
  • Machine related injuries, including being stuck in a dangerous device, or malfunctioning vehicles

Construction accidents can have catastrophic consequences, including broken bones, severe nerve damage, brain injury, lacerations, burns, and paralysis. These incidents can happen without warning, and often lead to a long recovery.

Fortunately, there is hope for construction injury victims. All public and private employers in Colorado, with a few exceptions, are required by law to provide worker’s compensation coverage for their employees if one or more full- or part- time person is employed.

While worker’s compensation plans limit the types of actions you can take after a workplace injury, you still may be able to file a third party claim if you believe the injury was a result of someone’s negligence. In this case, you would file a separate claim against the group or individual who was responsible for the circumstances that led to your injury.

Can I Sue Even If I Have Worker’s Compensation Coverage?

Construction accident injury litigation in Colorado can be complicated. It is important that you are able to clearly establish negligence of the opposing party if you intend to sue.

Negligence can be attributed to individual employees, manufacturers, subcontractors, material suppliers, property owners, and more. Determining if negligence was involved requires an detailed analysis of the circumstances that led to the injury, and may prompt the hiring of a Fort Colling workplace injury lawyer to help you in your pursuit of compensation.

How Long Do I Have to File a Construction Injury Claim?

As with any type of injury claim, filing a construction accident injury claim in Fort Collins must adhere to a specific set of deadlines. It is highly advisable that you contact a Colorado personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to determine the deadline that applies to your case.

Get Help from Fort Collins Construction Accident Attorneys

 If you or a loved one was injured in a construction accident in Fort Collins, you may be entitled to significant compensation. There are certain times in which you can file a third party claim regardless of workers’ compensation coverage.

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