5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an Accident Lawyer | Fort Collins Injury Lawyers

MISTAKE #1: Choosing a personal injury lawyer who doesn’t have enough trial experience.

The most important factor in choosing an accident lawyer is his knowledge, skill and experience handling injury claims. Make sure the lawyer you select has extensive experience handling personal injury cases at trial.

MISTAKE #2: Choosing a personal injury lawyer only because you like their advertising.

Advertising can make any lawyer look like an expert. Don’t choose a lawyer based on their ad. Make sure you ask questions about their experience and track record in handling personal injury claims.

MISTAKE #3: Choosing a personal injury lawyer who promises you the most money.

The amount of money you’re entitled to recover is based on several components. The severity of your injuries and damages, length of recovery, your medical bills, any lost wages, and pain and suffering are all factored into how much you may receive. Anyone who promises you a certain amount of money before they get this information is making a promise he probably can’t keep.

MISTAKE #4: Choosing a lawyer because he appears successful.

A fancy new office and an expensive luxury car don’t tell you anything about the lawyer’s experience. Don’t judge a lawyer by appearances. Evaluate a lawyer by whether he has the knowledge, skill, experience and willingness to sue the other party and to take your case to trial, if necessary. That’s the only way you can be sure you recover the amount of money you deserve.

MISTAKE #5: Choosing a lawyer because of the location of his office.

You may be inclined to select a lawyer who has an office down the street from your home or work. This could be a big mistake because what you gain in convenience you may lose in experience. Most of the work between an injury lawyer and his client is done by mail and over the telephone. You may find that the extra minutes on the road will be well worth your effort in the end.