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Mass torts are a type of civil legal action where a number of plaintiffs or claimants are involved and one or several defendants are sued.  The lawsuits can take place in either federal or state courts.  Generally, these actions are referred to as mass torts because of the number of plaintiffs involved and because the plaintiffs’ attorneys will try to recruit even more claimants using mass media.

Mass torts typically occur when a number of individuals are similarly injured by a device or product (as is the case in product liability claims) but mass tort litigation can also encompass large-scale man-made disasters such as plane crashes, plant explosions, or apartment fires, and large anti-trust claims against businesses.

The Difference Between Mass Torts and Other Personal Injury Lawsuits

Mass torts are different than other personal injury suits in a variety of ways.  First, mass torts typically involve a significant number of claimants who have all been harmed by a single device or product. Second, although there are many plaintiffs involved in mass tort lawsuits, the facts, circumstances, and issues regarding the claim are usually very similar throughout these cases.  Finally, the value of each claim in a mass tort is usually interdependent, meaning the plaintiffs have strong common interests and the victory of one plaintiff enhances the value of all claims.

Mass Torts are an Efficient and Economical Way to Help Claimants Obtain the Compensation they Deserve

When filing a lawsuit against a corporation which manufactured or produced a product that injured someone, the process can be time-consuming and expensive.  There may be complex issues or multiple defendants involved, and collecting large volumes of evidence and obtaining expert opinions can take some time.  However, if multiple individuals are injured similarly by a sole device or product, filing a claim as a mass tort against the corporation or other potentially responsible parties can be more efficient and cost effective.  This isn’t to say that mass tort claims do not require a significant amount of time and money to investigate and litigate, but by filing multiple claims as one mass tort, resources can be consolidated, and the injured parties can have their claims heard and tried at the same time.

Not every personal injury lawyer has the time and experience necessary to handle a mass tort lawsuit.  Ordinarily, a lawyer or firm must have a significant amount of financial capital in order to keep up with the upfront and ongoing costs that can quickly accrue in litigation that may end up lasting years until a final settlement is reached or a trial occurs.  These expenses are associated with conducting large-scale discovery, paying court costs, retaining expert witnesses, paying for travel expenses, and even paying for things such as copying expenses.

While the expenses involved in any civil litigation can be extensive, mass torts take such an enormous amount of time and work that the costs can be significantly greater than a run-of-the-mill civil suit.  It is important to note that in most instances, personal injury lawyers will not expect you to front these costs. Ordinarily, a personal injury lawyer will not be paid unless or until your case is successful, so if you’ve been injured, it is important that you consult with a lawyer as soon as possible to preserve your right to compensation.

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